Bernhard Gwiggner and Anja Ronacher exhibition at Huantie Art Museum 2012.09.15 until 2012.09.30

Anja Ronacher

food container, a forest, a skull, spade shaped money, observatory Void/Form is a photographic note on the history of art as cult objects and objects of everyday use. The archaic objects, the forest, observatory and draperies photographed connect us with the people from the past. In the gaping time the photographic image opens history shows itself.

Bernhard Gwiggner

大学 , The Great Learning, Das Große Lernen
The famous confucian text „The Great Learning“ is the basis for my artistic work, which I started at run time of my residency at Huantie Art City in Beijing at the end of August 2012.
I am writing the original chinese text and accompany it with an english and a german translation. Then keywords from the chinese and the german text will be given into the search engines from and; the first image I get will be drawn. My interest is to confront this more than 2000 years old text with our new media-world and in this way to interrogate, if there is a meaningful message for us today. On the one hand in both translations the meaning differences are of interest, on the other hand appears, to what extent differ chinese and european worlds of images. It’s a trans-cultural text-picture-comparison.

塑胶山 , PlasticMountain, PlastikBerg
From my arrival in Beijing up to the exhibition I collected during the time of one month the entire plastics garbage, which resulted with me. By using one-way chopsticks in connection with the plastic-trash there grew up a network-like space structure, which may associatively remind on holy chinese mountains. So the work is about collecting unconsidered things, the chinese plastic packing culture and our throw-away society.

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