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The Gallop of the Courser 骏马飞驰 ONLINE NOW

The encyclopaedia of Austrian Art Made in China continues. The Gallop of the courser now available online - bilingual.
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Refuse the shadows of the past; 5 years Austrian Art made in China, Catalog 2014


大字报- Dazibao 2013 Program in Chongqing


Program at the Organ House
Exhibition setup open to public: from 23/09/2013
Artists talk (Lukas Birk,Karel Dudesek,Ni Kun: 01/09/2013 4-5pm
Exhibition opening (performance by Letizia Werth): 23/09/2013 4-8pm
Workshop on art in public space: 2-5/10/2013 3-5pm
Exhibition duration: 23/09-15/10/2013

Outdoor installations around Chongqing 12/09 - on going