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Tina Hochkogler


Bernhard Gwiggner

During a stay in China Bernhard Gwiggner acquired a scroll painting in a hidden flea market. Upon the old painting he applied ink drawings which represent present-day Beijing. For me, at first glance, three pairs of opposites quickly emerge:

Drury Brennan


Alice Dittmar

Xiang Mei香妹 (fragrant sisters) I–III is derived from found objects - three Chinese art deco beauty advertisements (commonly referred to as ’Shanghai girls’), typical of 1920s and 30s Shanghai. I purchased the three posters (ea 25 x 38 cm) for CNY ¥20 (ea) from a street seller in Gulou Dongdajie, Beijing, in July 2011.

Marianne Csaky

This series of digitally constructed imaginary landscapes are based on photos I took in China in places I also called my home at the time. The pictures have two different layers. I took photos of local people in everyday scenes, for instance, walking along the Yangtze River at places where they like to be, doing what they like doing. My aim was to depict the shapes of our everyday movement and existence. 

Yu-Hsiang Cheng

I have developed a series of works that created with LCD monitor . By the monitor’s light-emitted principle, i tried to interrupt  the electric field  between  it’s “upper glass layer” and the “ liquid conducting layer” with my painting  gestures, changing the spectrum to create  new images.

I tried to create new creations by touching the illuminated hot screen monitor with my painting movements. The painted canvas screen combined the re-filmed video contents,becomes a new image field.

Matthew Niederhauser