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The Gallop of the Courser 骏马飞驰 ONLINE NOW

The encyclopaedia of Austrian Art Made in China continues. The Gallop of the courser now available online - bilingual.
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Refuse the shadows of the past; 5 years Austrian Art made in China, Catalog 2014

Letizia Werth

My artwork deals with everyday life and its hidden contradictions and inconsistencies. I work with material and objekts of my surrounding, it can be casual found objects, such as dust from a corner of a room or old family photografs of which I create drawings, installations and videos of sometimes frightening beauty, on closer inspection, the works are irritating and dirty.

Liu Tao - 刘涛

“Hungry Beijing” is a self-portrait series,it is a record of my travel in foggy Beijing.

Beijing to me is not only geographic city,it is also a city covered in my mind, it is so majestic, full of taboo, let your mind always hungry, cause rhapsody of tasting freeness.