Exhibition 2012

Links / Rechts - Left / Right - 左 / 右 - gauche / droite Exhibition 2012

Left as leaving something, left as leftist, art gratuit, art in public space, street art, theft and inspiration, left China, Austro Sino leftists, history left, media left, left Austria, the Tao and Te, way and the virtue, the instant, the official.

Right as right, as right side, right as conservative, Yin and Yang, dichotomy, right to do so, the unofficial, fundamental normative rules.

Video from the art work installation at Hong Studio, Beijing


Translation, Humans—Machines, not so easy (an experiment)

Translation, Humans—Machines, not so easy

After four annual efforts of translating various kinds of artistic, poetic, abstract, solid and lucid writings accompanying or describing artwork in the ASAP exhibitions I felt the time is right to jot down some comments and notes on the experiences collected.