Marianne Csaky

This series of digitally constructed imaginary landscapes are based on photos I took in China in places I also called my home at the time. The pictures have two different layers. I took photos of local people in everyday scenes, for instance, walking along the Yangtze River at places where they like to be, doing what they like doing. My aim was to depict the shapes of our everyday movement and existence. 

I also took photos of 3D letter sculptures, and I inserted them into the original scene like an old stone monument sunk in the sand. The letters are the initials of my name and my close family members’ name, and refer to a kind of perception of personal identity that it is defined not by what I am like or what I become but by the fact that I am the subject that appears in my history and my relationships.

The two different layers also represent two different times that have continuous effect on life in the present. This series of photos is part of my Local Everywhere project.