Christian Rupp - Patterns of discourse

The performance “patterns of discourse” was created in cooperation of Dimitris Halatsis and Christian Rupp. For the premiere at the MOPE08 Performance Festival in Vaasa, Finland 2008 the two artist also performed the piece themselves.
Men wearing shorts and sports-shoes take books from a box. On the outside these books show only one name each in black letters on white. It is the names of famous and frequently quoted thinkers, philosophers, essayists, scientists. The books are placed on the bodies like protective padding for contact-sports and held in place by saran wrap as is used in the kitchen to package food. The first part of the performance is the time that the men take to build up protection for the more exposed parts of the body. After that the performer in “full gear” (consisting of these books) walk outside onto the grass. There they position themselves across from each other and alternately yell the signal to start. They collide very much like in American football practice - the one whose turn it is to yell the command tries to run by the other while that other tries to stop him either by forceful blocks with arms and shoulders or by crashing into him and taking him to the ground. While the performers keep repeating these exercises clashing their bodies, every now and then books keep falling off to the ground.
Discourse is a very productive tool. But while academic discourse often helps to advance in understanding or even towards new approaches and solutions it also can derail. Egos and personal agendas can lead away from substance / the core of a matter. Big Names are thrown in and quotes turn into attacks. While drifting off the quotes are countered with error-corrections and counter-quotes. Knowledgeably (be it substantial or pretentious) becomes armor and weapon...

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