Elke Groen & Ina Ivanceanu -EVERY SEVENTH PERSON

Year: 2006
Director:Elke Groen & Ina Ivanceanu
Lenght: 75min
Language: Mandarin, Naxi Subtitles: Chinese

Each and every 7th person on earth is living in a Chinese village. The film directors Elke Groen and Ina Ivanceanu have portrayed Chinese life in the 3 different villages- Beisuzha, San Yuan und Jiangji- azhai, between 2002& 2005. During that time interviews with the villagers were accomplished and the everyday life of the villagers was docu- mented with cameras. Not only Elke Groen was filming, but also the villagers were involved in the filming process, shooting short films about their hopes& dreams. The concept of those short films, the cinematographic work and the editing was created by farmers, youths, and factory workers. It is those people who created the Film Every 7th person.

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