Fanni Futterknecht & Camilo Latorre - When West meets East

Fanni Futterknecht researches the mechanism of representation. Within her performances and video works she reflects social and philosophical appearances within society that carry a potential of poetic interpretation. She tries to move those reflections from the known ground of „objective reality“ and to „fictionalize“ them until they are transformed to the dreamlike.

Camilo Latorres work concentrates in writing texts based on personal perceptions and improvising music. He has been involved since 2011 in projects with Fanni Futterknecht.

In the project WHEN WEST MEETS EAST Fanni Futterknecht and Camilo Latorre present a surreal musical poem where a fictional meeting between “the west “and “the east” takes place, each represented as metaphorical characters. The performative video narrates a love relationship between those two cultural, political, ideological and poetic contexts.

Positioning themselves in the character of „the west“ the two artists, who have never before been to Asia, will speak from the perspective of their personal dreams of these places and cultures. ‘The East’ becomes the character on whom these dreams and imaginations are projected. They question the cultural specificity of their position within a globalized world.

The polarity of those two different entities plays an important role in the work, representing the mechanisms by which cultures and people define themselves in relation to, and particularly in opposition to others.

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