Florian Schmeiser - 90 days, 90 seconds Every breath you take


90 days, 90 seconds Video,
photo series Single frame animation of over 2000 photos - shot in 90 days in Chengdu, Chongqing, Danba, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan.
The speed of changes makes the consciousness of presence impossible. a day is a year is a second. Modernism is a victory of form over material, of the surface over covered. Resopal, furnier, funda, doka, tiek wood, mahogany and never ever again dust, dirt and laufmaschen because of rough surfaces. The comfortable aspects of modern life and living standards are the big carrot, for which every society keeps moving forward. the other side of the carrot - like behind us - is a huge cloud of dirt, pain and devastation. In reality, there is  permanent switch between our illusions and delusion, visible everywhere. The collision of past and future, visions of a better place, at the same time the past vanishing rapidly - the ruins and the cathedrals of the future stand side by side and mix into each other. In between, there is the promise, advertisements and pictures of a bright future, buildings, Construction sites, modernism as a futuristic paradise. These illusions are the missing link in a journey with an unknown end to all of us.

Every breath you take, Installation, sound object, telephone, headphones/speakers.
I dedicated this song to China. Not for the heavy pollution and bad air, but for it’s people and it’s politics, for the close relation between love and control. An old telephone reminds of earlier times, when the digital age of consumption has not taken place. it is like a relict out of an old movie, when spies where wearing suits and secret services fought the cold war with heat in their hearts. The original song is by the band police (!). In nowadays context it could also be read as a song about surveillance, that is omnipresent, since we all became digitized. The acoustic in this work is the emotional space. The music that accompanies my pictures is devoted to the shown realities.