Franz Yang- Mocnik at Todays Art Museum

Solo Exhibition by Mu Kefan at the Todays Art Museum, building 3, Beijing
时间:11月19日-11月29日 地点:三号馆一层
Duration: 19th – 29th November Venue: 1st floor exhibition hall of building 3
当 穆可凡面对画布时,他总希望穿过表象追寻本源,并始终要求自己保 持清醒的状态,因为这会持续地给工作以动力。在穆可凡的作品中,对 象总是处于一种特殊的状态之中——他们似乎处于、但又超脱于日常的 生活状态,并不是我们所熟悉的物理性的忠实再现。本次展览即将给我 们呈现的,就是我们面前镜子里隐藏着的那些肖像.

When facing the canvas, Mu Kefan always hopes to find the “source” through “appearances”, and demands of himself a clear mind which can provide energy for his continuous work. In Mu Kefan’s works, the objects are always in a special situation——a situation within and beyond normal life——not the re-appearance of the physical world. What will be presented in this exhibition are the figures hidden behind the mirror.

Franz Motschnig Yang born 1. June 1951 in Carinthia- Austria, lives today in Graz. See more