Gregory Eddi Jones

These photographs are fictions. The figures within these scenes were selected from hundreds of frames shot of each location. By selectively adding and removing characters from my compositions I craft narratives that straddle the line between fact and fiction. This process opens the work to a tremendous amount of decision-making opportunity, allowing for the creation of a personal vision of the world that would otherwise be unattainable in a single photograph.

I see this work as a depiction of a world that borders on the edge of the possible - theatrics of the everyday, in a way, or a tableaux of the street. Drawing on a sense of the “heightened moment” as seen in 20th century street photography, as well as the humanistic landscapes of pre-modern Europe, these are my efforts to bring classical romanticism into the digital era.

These pictures work together to tell the story of public life in Beijing, and the cross-currents of economic and cultural change. The moments within the images are fictionalized and even romanticized in order to tell stories within the larger story.