Karel Dudesek - less than more


Ecstasy, wooden plates, Beigao, already made
Fake stones, Side Park, Beijing, already made
798 Storefront, already made
60 years PRC independents under supervision, collage 1 and 2, Beijing

In Beijing, I have been searching for objects that attract my attention, often using my imagination to interpret more than is visible in such an object. The objects that I find, I then remove, replace, apply on a different surface or leave remaining in the same environment with slight alterations.

I have always been fascinated with finding places, objects, surfaces, sounds and patterns that are untouched by myself, "already made's,” with traces on the surface. These traces are sometimes man-made and sometimes naturally created by wind, water, cold or heat. Some have been made on purpose and others accidentally.

Man-made shapes are produced on a continuous basis with divers’ intentions. Even artistic engagement is, fundamentally, the production of new objects. For me, the technique of already made – is contrary to design. I am enhancing the found object by misusing the original meaning and altering it to my subjective with either a conceptual idea or by adding an additional trace that is not often visible.


By removing an object from the shadows of its everyday placement, it is given greater attention. The object’s meaning becomes then dependent on the individual viewer and his or her interpretations of and engagements with the object. In a shared moment, one object appears totally insignificant to one viewer while holding meaning for another. Many of these connections between surfaces, objects, spaces and people grow or remain as they are, leaving the necessary space for the viewer to project his or her own view onto them and draw new narration from them.