Kerstin von Gabain - Struggling for points


Over the summer I worked in a studio next to Fei Jia Cun village, on the outskirts of Beijing. During my strolls and bike tours in the surrounding areas, I collected discarded playing cards from the streets. Over time I became obsessed with the idea of gathering a full set of 54. The more complete my collection became, the harder it was to find the missing ones. Whilst hunting for cards I developed different theories as to why there were so many of them lying around. Perhaps if the cards don’t bring their owner any luck they must be thrown away? The title Struggling for Points is a rough translation of “Zheng Fen,” a popular Chinese card game, in which the aim is to collect as many points as possible. Each individual card suggests its own narrative, some are worn, weather beaten, torn, folded, whereas others are pristine.