Kim Taegon

Based on my experience of foreign, even before learning the French language and enter into communication situation, I have updated significant lags between respective postures and relational practice that have courses in Korea and France. Thus, at first glance, the Korean attitude advocates withholding and indicates a certain closure and plenty of headroom when operating in typical French society seems more open and more direct, but also dictated aspects without doubt by the symmetrical nature of my eye ‘alien’, more superficial.

My linguistic difficulties of departure were therefore cultural and personal difficulties to create the relationship and to come into contact with others, that is, members of this French culture which was, after the first impression all familiar, if different. All to say, I felt such an impossibility to communicate that it was unthinkable any possibility of integration group whatever it is making me suffer from my isolation. For me, that was already inclined by nature to search for life in society, get in touch with my entourage became an absolute necessity.

It is quite naturally through my artistic practice that tried to analyze and solve my relational problem. I then created what I would call ‘objects collective experimental»intended to bring together people around a device to resonate the sentiments, a little as if he were dumb musical instruments. I then invited all those who approached my work to participate in this experience that did not require the mastery of a common language but only the desire to meet together, around an artistic object.

I do not hear, I do not see,
I feel only the vibration by my hands.
Between us, no more secret.
Now we can entrust our secrets