Markus Sepperer - Verschichtet-global

verschichtet-global#x is interweaving and compressing photos taken in Hong Kong and around many places in mainland china.

Hongkong was due to its democratic and capitalistic influences on one side a threat to communist china, on the other side the capitalistic model was perfectly copied in a lot of boom-towns in mainland china up to this day.

In old china Confucianist values formed the Chinese society, in the 20th century it was the communistic party who did this with ideology and propaganda. Chinas capitalistic rise starting around the eighties of the last century is a huge success, paradoxically it is now a main claim of leadership of the still ruling communistic party The ongoing globalization makes China with its cheap labour to worlds number one producer, migrant workers from all over the place are moving into huge, megalomaniac cities to leave their farmland for working on skyscrapers, shopping malls and high speed trains.

My work tries to combine these parallel worlds by constructing complex compositions, to form a new, merged meta-system.
On the one hand I am layering photos congruent to each other to form a new organized carpet out of the accidental object collisions throughout the layers, a process which tries to shape out new connections of the realities in the single pictures. It forms accidentally merging and intersections following a Three-dimensional logic with new relations between background and foreground. The trial of finding and shaping new logic connections out of the accidental layering of the pictures is a very important driving force.

Transformation from Photography to Architecture in Photography

The 2nd technical form of the series consists of collages which are rationally composed.
Photos are still merged in many layers but the content is rational organized, accidental forms are still present but more controlled and kept in detail. Taking painting as a role model I create unrealistic room situations, torn dimensions, self alienated protagonists, hybrid fairy tale creatures. They are Hyronimus Bosch related inter-sectional figures, coming out of tradition/ globalization /
liberalization / economic transformation.

The used photos in my collages are all part of my china archives, resulting of five journeys between 2006 and 2011

verschichtet-global #x is an ongoing work series. Comparable to musical composition
there is always an interplay between form and content, simplicity or complexity.

Markus Sepperer, Wien 2012

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