Marlene Haderer

During my artist-residency in Chengdu/China I was highly interested in Luis Vuiton copies, which are widely spread in China and very popular. As I am a great fan of fashion and design as an attempt to communicate through the body surface on the one hand, and on the other hand always suffer a lot because of the elitism structures and ideologies which rule this business vastly - I wanted to set a sign in sense of „Luis Vuiton and luxury for everybody!“, as an appreciation for Luis Vuiton Copies, the joyful design and history of Luis Vuiton and against an inhuman idea of society that wants to enforce the idea of some fine men on the top and the rest below.

Conscious and alienated of the fact that China does not respect literary meaning I see it as an interesting gesture that people overtake the Luis Vuiton pattern all over the world to take part in something called “luxury”, something valuable that represents more than simple surviving. The Luis Vuiton mission statements: „the art of traveling“ and „the art of packing“ were permanently guiding me through a chaotic and strange time in China, the strangest country I have ever visited in its most classical meaning. I never felt so strange, and I never saw so many strange things packed.