Moritz Majce & Sandra Man

»A spectre is roaming around the western world – the spectre of apathy. And as soon as it has taken to the stage, the first wails of suffering set in to entreat again the spark of passion. “More empathy!” they lament aghast and then, the eager howl, “Back to true values!” – back to the new old regime of the considerate and measured – veracious values of humanity! These are the bugle calls of the reactionaries of truthfulness, the school masters of a proper world of busyness, which can be heard far and wide. And their world is not a theatre, it is the operating system for the production of total impotence… but, why not for once and for the sake of decency save Miss Apathy from being screwed non-stop by limpest Pathos, why not stop tarting her up in a string of always the same permanent wave looks, but instead take the babe out sometimes and fool around with her a bit – and do it preferably in neither a well-read nor well-educated, but almost clueless manner!«

(from: Apathy and Areal. Practice without Discipline, Moritz Majce)

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