OPEN CALL ASAP 2012  -the application is open to all nationalities

Left and right - 左右 - links und rechts

Left as leaving something, left as leftist, art gratuit, art in public space, street art, theft and inspiration, left China, Austro Sino leftists, history left, media left, left Austria, the instant. Right as right, as right side, right as conservative, the one part of Yin Yang, right to do so, fundamental normative rules.

The Austro Sino Arts Program, for its 4th annual exhibition, calls for artwork with focus China or a wider China-European context. 

After an initial exhibition at the 798 Festival (September), the exhibition is planed to travel over the course of 6 weeks from Beijing - Chengdu - Shenzhen. Thus the works have to be moveable. Videos will be displayed in moving theater form along the way. Images will be printed on roll out canvases or paper, to be left as permanent footprint at exhibition location or anonymous places.

1st “RIGHT” the pre-curated exhibition, showing selected artworks in each location starting in Beijing.

2nd, “LEFT”, artist can send artworks from remote by Internet which will be a response to the current location of the show. We will make images available from each location and send to selected artist and they can "left" their reply.

The idea is “left” to print out the printable parts of the exhibition on the go and “left” the exhibition in official and unofficial places, printout on paper or canvas and fixed on walls in, small, medium, large, extra large villages.

We accept art works in the form of video, music as well as wall based printable materials (e.g. photo, printable representations of painting/drawings/sketches, writing).

For each selected artist we will have a production budget available, each artist will receive 10 catalogues for free. ASAP will make photos and dimensions available to each selected artist, for location specific fitting of the artworks in public space. Please consider, ASAP can not make funds available for your traveling or accommodation.

All text and written materials will be copied into google translator. Googled translated English can be found anywhere in China. We will reverse this with Chinese.

By participating in 2nd, “LEFT” exhibition, you explicitly agree and accept that your artwork can be copied unlimitedly for cause, extend of this exhibition. ASAP guarantees that it will not sell your work without your prior agreement.

Information to previous exhibitions can be found on


For application please fill in the following.


Art work title:


Size (if applicable):

Artist statement / about work (max 500 words):

CV (max 250 words - no bullet points):

Images (low resolution max 1000px width) once accepted we will ask you to submit video and high resolution files onto our server.

1st "RIGHT",   2nd "LEFT"  or   1st "RIGHT"  and  2nd "LEFT" ?

All materials have to be send by the 19th of March 2012 via email to