Ronald Kodritsch’s – Works on paper


Ronald Kodritsch’s artistic field is a media-pluralistic one. The constant move from traditional media such as painting and drawing to photography and moving images is primarily rooted in the intention to depict the self, the image of the artist – whether as authentic mirror image or as staged distortion of reality. The artist meanders in a dream-like state through his personal paradise, which gets smashed through the harsh and banal reality, which Kodritsch sarcastically reflects. Kodritsch’s performance in painting, photography or video is slightly arrogant, with a great deal of entertainment, a humorous attitude and irony also towards the self, not to mention quite nonchalant. Seeming vanity turns into consciously triggered and self-destructive clownishness. In his art, Kodritsch leaves room for his own dreams.

Florian Steininger