Ruth Anderwald & Leonhard Grond

“By visualising guarantors of visibility in Ink, Rain, Swans in a Shanghai Park (2010), a film shot during a solar eclipse, i.e. when the sun became particularly conspicuous by dint of being darkened. While one usually »overlooks« it and avoids its countenance, the moon casting its shadow upon it reveals it to be the true source of all visibility. It thus renders perceptible that which otherwise serves perception, it reveals by concealing, thus demonstrating another kind of inverting familiar aspects with illuminating consequences. The theme of the water-mirror in which the sky becomes entrapped features in this film in the form of a bowl filled with black ink. But because the rain falls into it, clouding the immaculateness of the mirror’s surface, it is equally subject to a self-depiction by means of disturbing its function.” Rainer Fuchs, chief curator mumok Vienna, “Perception in Motion” Camera Austria Nr.112