Stefan Lux

Nature and its artificially are recurrent subjects of my work. My recent videos are the result of an appropriation and subjectivization process of found footage material. Extracted from the internet the selected images are printed on paper, staged, dramatized and filmed. When a person is revived, he or she is shaken, slapped sometimes even gets electric shocks. Similar is happening in my videos. The found footage images are combined with my physical movements and gestures, which sometimes happen in front of the found images sometimes simply result from the attempt to hold it and focus the camera at the same time. For the selection of the motive it is crucial which option it provides to modify or expand the exhibition space when being projected. About Panorama: Panorama revolves around our perception of the oneness of nature and its beauty. Presenting animated rocks from a see bank, which allow for many diverse associations, it examines the relation between natural beauty and my artistic intervention and thereby establishes a manifold interplay with the chinese tradition of Suiseki. Source material for the video Panorama is a panoramic image of a lake with a stone bank I found online. It shows two prints of the left and right margin of the picture, which have been mirrored (flipped horizontally). The two groups of stones from the margins are brought together in the video. By moving the two prints quickly I try to close the gabs between their shapes - the distortion results from the wide-angle-lense - and complete the panorama. It is an attempt to round out the picture on its break line and create an enclosing horizon. The figure permanently alternates between a fragmented and closed pictorial space.