Tina Hochkogler - Koi

An old Chinese legend has it that people used to place messages in the bellies of Koi and, thus, this fish has come to symbolize communication with a distant friend or loved one. Koi are the mythical pigeons of our waterways. Gliding along slowly and continuously, they come and go, are always there at various levels. You may not always be aware of them, but these couriers of the mind are always around, waiting to deliver a message. This retrospective silent-film unfolds to the deep bordun/drone sounds of Stefan Neméth‘s composition and elements of a second moment begin to emerge: drops of dark liquids, paper textures, dripping sounds.

This video takes inspiration from the state our mind enters when it is no longer awake and not yet asleep, when remnants of thoughts and residual images begin to appear before our inner eye, seemingly of their own volition and stimulated by rhythms related to breathing.

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