UCCA Austrian movie night on 3. December 2010, starts 7pm, at UCCA cinema

Next generation of young Austrian directors

ASAP - Austro Sino Arts Program presents the next generation of young Austrian directors: Hannes Boeck, Thomas Lehner and Johann Neumeister. Their movies based on various types of narrations, their individual visual and metaphorical language.

Three things these directors have in common first, that they are all artist per se, using their talent to express their views in other medias, like music, performance art and digital media.

Second most of their movies deal with todays themes, societies and cultures outside of Austria.

Third of all, they address the modern times and how people find ways to survive and maintain their personal integrity in a competitive society. These 3 directors worked and lived in, USA, China, Cuba and Austria. Thomas Lehner will be present at the screening.