Wie -yie Lauw - Nomansland

What is there to be forgotten?How do
you want to be remembered? Who will
remember you?
„Nomansland“ is based on memory trac-
es connected through time and space.
Wie-yi´s memories are deeply woven
within her multi cultural backgrounds,
which are rooted far back to China. Car-
rying different nationalities and heri-
tages in her, China triggered her curios-
ity to begin her journey in search of her
By reconstructing her fictional timeline,
she goes back in time filling up blank
spots with found photographs shot by
her father and by herself, in order to
remember and compose her family’s
traces.Through these elements of time,
space and memories her works are col-
lages of fragile layers. Faded fragments
of post memories imprinted on fictional
landscapes create her very own meta-
Each fictional landscapes are patterns of
her journey, which are carefully stitched