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Anna Hofbauer - Gehäuse enclosure b/w photo series


Here performative photo series Gehäuse (enclosure) presents a choreography of changing shapes built by the artist’s arms over here head. . .

Mike Hentz - Chinese Trilogie


More than 30 years ago I started out with paintovers. I used books or catalogues of other artists and converted them into my private everyday life workbooks, they got a new coinage. I appropriated them, gave them a more personal identity, with my diary registrations, notes, drafts, addresses and collages, they became art objects.


ASAP – Austro Sino Arts Program, Beijing
ChaoYang Qu
Shui Dui Zi Dong Lu 22hao 606shi。
100026 BeiJing shi
Telephone: 186 1005 6552
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Austrian movie night on 4. December, starts 6pm, at Trends Lounge at San Li Tun Village,

Austrian movie night on 4th. December 2010, starts 6pm 
at TrendsLounge (San Li Tun VILLAGE Branch)
Add: San Li Tun VILLAGE North Zone, N8 building, LG floor.
ASAP - Austro Sino Arts Program and Trends Lounge presents the next generation of young Austrian directors: Hannes Boeck, Thomas Lehner and Johann Neumeister.