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Österreichische zeitgenössische Kunst in Peking und Tokyo gezeigt

Utl.: 15 Künstler in Peking mit Alltagsreflexionen -
Druckgrafik-Ausstellung folgt in Tokio =

Peking/Wien (APA) - "Wir repräsentieren eine hier unterbelichtete Kulturszene und setzen den mit Stipendiaten des Artists-in-Residence-Programms eröffneten Dialog fort", erklärte Kurator Karel Dudesek im Vorfeld der heute, Samstag, in Peking eröffneten österreichischen Gemeinschaftsausstellung "Mifan" ("Reis").

Exhibition at Anni Art

米饭 mǐfàn

Lukas Birk - A moment's departure


the photo series A Moment's Departure plays with the visual perception of time through old photographic material.

Karel Dudesek - less than more


Ecstasy, wooden plates, Beigao, already made
Fake stones, Side Park, Beijing, already made
798 Storefront, already made
60 years PRC independents under supervision, collage 1 and 2, Beijing

In Beijing, I have been searching for objects that attract my attention, often using my imagination to interpret more than is visible in such an object. The objects that I find, I then remove, replace, apply on a different surface or leave remaining in the same environment with slight alterations.

Sylvia Eckermann and Gerald Nestler- Breathe my air


A Paradoxical Conversation Piece

At the core of the 3-channel-video installation are notions of communication and approach between China and the West.
The necessity and urgency for dialogue that we experienced on a daily basis when traveling through China was as much a source of inspiration as the frequent involuntary interruptions and ends of conversations due to a lack of knowledge that we shared with our Chinese friends.

Nikolaus Gansterer and Matthias Meinharter - Chinese whispers


The portrait of a portrait - producing – economy

In Chinese Whispers, we analyze forms of production and reproduction by looking at oil-painting in Dafen village (Shenzhen). We focus mainly on the errors in translation and reproductions. By researching these errors, we want to make an artistic statement about cultural practice, identity and authenticity.