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OPEN CALL ASAP 2012  -the application is open to all nationalities

Left and right - 左右 - links und rechts

Left as leaving something, left as leftist, art gratuit, art in public space, street art, theft and inspiration, left China, Austro Sino leftists, history left, media left, left Austria, the instant. Right as right, as right side, right as conservative, the one part of Yin Yang, right to do so, fundamental normative rules.

The Austro Sino Arts Program, for its 4th annual exhibition, calls for artwork with focus China or a wider China-European context. 

You Don’t Belong: Pasts and Futures of Indian Cinema & India-China Dialogue on Film and Social Thought

Opening at 3:00 pm on Friday, November 25th at the Iberia Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. Screenings of over 30 Indian independent films and a series of forums on film and social thought will take place at the Iberia Center, the Beijing Film Academy, and the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art. Upcoming screenings in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Kunming to follow.

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Ugo Untoro - drawings

Painting and drawing are basically two of the same art, only the medium used is different. Both equally visualize the unspeakable, the ineffable, or that which is beyond words. They are both wild worlds in themselves and are often unknown to us. They are strange, natural places of adventure where what we see, hear, feel, think or touch is existing.

Ugo Untoro

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