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Sylwia Gorak

Sylwia Gorak is a vocal performer and painter. As a painter, she seeks to reevaluate the inherently awesome beauty of landscapes by introducing man-made objects, both inconsequential and architectural, that create a tension between a sense of permanence and materialism. Inspired by her hometown of Lezajsk, Poland, her paintings also draw from prior residency experiences in London, Osaka, and Sierre, Switzerland.

Oda Fiskum - Elephant in the Room Theatre

The Red Alert project started in Florence by Leonardoworx and Fabrizio Massini in 2009. The concept is simple: Contemporary urban landscape, and a red plastic bag doubling as a mask. The project has been done in several cities on various scales, and Elephant in the Room Theatre is now presenting the Beijing interpretation.

Fanni Futterknecht & Camilo Latorre - When West meets East

Fanni Futterknecht researches the mechanism of representation. Within her performances and video works she reflects social and philosophical appearances within society that carry a potential of poetic interpretation. She tries to move those reflections from the known ground of „objective reality“ and to „fictionalize“ them until they are transformed to the dreamlike.

Marianne Csaky

The themes
For the past few years, my practice has taken the form of artistic research, looking for patterns of existence, behavior, customs and thinking that are local and universal at the same time. My focuses of interest are the interrelations of history and personal memory and various aspects of individual desire.

The Delete project

Links / Rechts - Left / Right - 左 / 右 - gauche / droite Exhibition 2012

Left as leaving something, left as leftist, art gratuit, art in public space, street art, theft and inspiration, left China, Austro Sino leftists, history left, media left, left Austria, the Tao and Te, way and the virtue, the instant, the official.

Right as right, as right side, right as conservative, Yin and Yang, dichotomy, right to do so, the unofficial, fundamental normative rules.


1. An enclave covered with bamboo forest in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, Zeya is known for its traditional papermaking, which involves more than 100 steps. 2. Fresh bamboo is first soaked in lime water. 3. Soaked bamboo is mashed by trip hammers. 4. A villager dips a bamboo curtain model in and out of a sink filled with bamboo pulp. Then pulp forms sheets of paper on the model. 5. Paper is spread on the road and dried in the sun. 6. Paper is cut into various sizes and is ready for sale. Photos by Zhang Zixuan / China Daily

Yunan Naxi language teaching

from china daily

"I speak the language I love, for that is me myself, I teach the language I love to children, to let them know who they are." Huang and her husband Guo, a Naxi Dongba culture scholar, have set up a class in 1999 at Huangshan Primary School to pass on Dongba culture, which they run every Thursday afternoon.

They teach children the Naxi language and culture.