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Jorge Fuembuena, BaiZiTingLu, 32° 3' 59.63" N, +118° 47' 13.13" E, Nanjing 21/09/2012



We place the Kung Fu practitioner at approximately midnight at the wall connecting to the Jin's Inn Hotel.

Christian Hutzinger, YangShanBeiLu, Nanjing, 32° 3' 54.02" N 118° 46' 29.80" E, 21/09/2012



Though we tried to distract the guard of the building in front of news paper stand he still wanted to know what we are doing and what this pictures is. After some explanation he decided that it looks good and was finally distracted by an arriving car.

Sylwia Gorak, G2 Highway, 34° 24' 38.38" N 118° 23' 53.43" E, 19/09/2012

On the way to Nanjing traffic had its slow moments. Especially after a truck lost its load made of steel pips on the highway. Unlikely to be removed anytime soon we posted a work by Sylwia Gorak on the side wall.