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Kathryn Zazenski

Central to my work is the relationship of applied and implied emotion in communication, specically within language and word
systems. Using these structures to inspire new visual relationships and patterns, I create the opportunity to experience these ideas in unconventional ways. I am fascinated by the possibility that lies within perceived absolutes, and the duality of the vital yet arbitrary nature of these constructed systems.

Shen Wei - Chinese Sentiment

Chinese Sentiment is a personal journey for me to reconnect with the authentic Chinese life, both in the private and public space.  My goal is to appreciate the real China without its political and economic influence, to reveal China from an internal and intimate perspective.

Heimo Wallner

Mao Tse Tung, Ausgewählte Werke, Band II, 35mm, colour, music: Martin Zrost, 2001

In the late 80ies I got an edition of “Mao Tse Tungs Selected Works” in 5 volumes (printed in 1968 in Beijing in German). And ever since then they are standing in my book shelf challenging me…

2 volumes I have transformed in the meantime. Volume I is a drawing book and volume II is an animation movie - 3 more are waiting. It is a project that stretches over a long period of time.

Joe Sneed & Jordan Mitchel

These five works have their source in YouTube videos posted by RT, a mass media corporation in Russia. The original footage was published within hours of being filmed in Cairo and was viewed by millions of people seeking a lens into the revolution that unfolded in Egypt in January 2011. We have appropriated and edited segments of these source videos and redrawn a media’s presentation of history.

Markus Sepperer - Verschichtet-global

verschichtet-global#x is interweaving and compressing photos taken in Hong Kong and around many places in mainland china.

Hongkong was due to its democratic and capitalistic influences on one side a threat to communist china, on the other side the capitalistic model was perfectly copied in a lot of boom-towns in mainland china up to this day.

Florian Schmeiser & MaJia - The Dragon Rising It’s Head

Majia lost incredible 3,5 kg a few days ago. it happened at the hanusch hospital and we called it “anatol zai tian” - ‘the dragon on the ground’ and ‘the one who comes from orient’, born on feb. 23rd, on occasion of the lóng táitóu festival - the ‘dragon rising it’s head’, and that’s what he did. a conceptual masterpiece...

Zai Tian Anatol / Anatol Zai Tian is the product of one year intense biogenetical fusion of the Chinese artist Ma Jia and the Austrian artist Florian Schmeiser.