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Christian Rupp - Patterns of discourse

The performance “patterns of discourse” was created in cooperation of Dimitris Halatsis and Christian Rupp. For the premiere at the MOPE08 Performance Festival in Vaasa, Finland 2008 the two artist also performed the piece themselves.

Joyce Rohrmoser - Surviving China

I have been learning Chinese for 4 years. 3 years ago I went a few months to China to make photos and videos for an Italian fashion company. In my spare time I tried to cope with life there. For this purpose I have developed a strategy: to make video-performances in which I assume different roles. This video-project helps me to understand China in a critical and humorous way.

Moritz Neumüller - Deutsch sein Kunstsprache

German is art-language.
The (un)translatable of Ernst Jandls poetry

Lisa Meixner - Chiron - of twofold nature - Chiron

Chiron is a film about the human hand, about the relation between gesture and speech and was shot in Chengdu, China and Frankfurt, Germany. Combining French anthropologist Andre Leroi-Gourhain’s theorie of evolution with the myth of the centaur Chiron the film narrates the hybrid existence of human beings in contemporary urban environments, their unseparable bond with touchscreens, ear phones and vehicles.

Shana Kaplow - Close to home

My artworks often explore the psychological inferences held within the bodies and spaces we inhabit.
Restless and shifting worlds seem most truthful to me. How do we connect to each other, to the body politic, or to the larger world? How do we relate within and to surrounding environments?