Richard Hoeck - Grotesque 2010

The shop window doll hanging from the sealing recalls the appearance of stalagtites hanging in caves. Regards one the shop window doll as symbol for consumer behavior and commodity fetishism, thus with its exposing also the erotism of fetish related advertisement, otherwise hidden, is led openly before eyes.

Bernhard Gwiggner

My artistic involvement with the  famous „Dao de jing“ by Laozi began in 2001, in preparation for my first visit to China.
Every day over the course of four years I transcribed a phrase of this basis text of Chinese heritage – reproducing it sentence by sentence both in its original lettering as well as in two German translations.

Georg Frauenschuh

The sketches for an installation, which is not yet carried out, base upon an already tired and half-observing visit of the Confucius Temple in Beijing.

Irene Dapunt

Irene Dapunt busy itself in the last years in their work with the relation of language and picture, text and character. Beside large sized canvases usually small objects and first of all work on paper developed.

Elisabeth Czihak - Endless Line

Endless Line

Chinese cities are cities in transformation – transformation in a dimension and velocity which fascinates and frightens us at the same time. The city’s image permanently avoids documentation, it disintegrates and recomposes itself each moment.