Barbara Eder & Constanze Schumann - INSIDE AMERICA

Year: 2010
Director: Barbara Eder & Constanze Schumann
Lenght: 107min
Language: English, Spanish Subtitles: Chinese

INSIDE AMERICA is a portrait of six High School kids in a small border town in Texas. The American flag is proudly raised at school every morning and the dream of prosper-
ity and freedom is invested in their mind,

Katharina Copony -OCEANUL MARE

Year: 2009
Director: Katharina Copony
Lenght: 78min
Language: Chinese, Rumanian Subtitles: Chinese and English

“The rule of the ocean is that big fish eat little fish! The phrase ‘business ocean’ implies that it’s tough and really hard! If you don’t pay attention, you’ll be eaten and will drown! If you’re successful, you’ll glide across the ocean like a triumphant sailboat!”

Lukas Birk - Kafkanistan, tourism to Afghanistan

Kafkanistan - tourism to Afghanistan
Year: 2009
Director: Lukas Birk
Lenght: 52 minutes
Language: English & German Subtitles: Chinese

Heru Agus - the plant (r)evolution

Plants are the basis of human life. The story goes, the first living organism, a blue-green algae,
appeared over 3,000 million years ago. Before the plants appeared, the Mother Earth was unlivable
for humans and other beings who needed oxygen. The Earth was full of carbon dioxide.
Then, these plants evolved through photosynthesis. Slowly over several million years,
they cleaned the atmosphere and filled the Earth with oxygen.

Andrea Witzmann - Beijing Punches

TUE 29.12.2009 OS0063 2FC7OU W 20:15 12:50 Vienna - Beijing
WED 30.12.2009 Chrystal Bell and Jenny Lou were awaiting us, Yuan withdrawal, arriving in Beigao, Feijacun, shower and sleep.
THUR 31.12.2009 Fireworks, waltz and Taittinger twin pack on New Year’s Eve in the studio.
FRI 01.01.2010 Heavy snowfalls, no orientation, taking cabs to every place we wanted to go, even when it was just around the corner.

Winkler Sylvia & Koeperl Stephan - Medicare & Xiao Wu

Since 1997 we are working together as an artist couple in the field of “urban interventions” which we are realizing in various places around the globe. Our projects usually develop from observations in public space and are elaborated site specifically.

The process of planning, implementing and mediating our projects provides us an unique insight into the individual areas and communities. It makes us getting involved into the everyday life of the spot and its inhabitants, which is an important part of our practice.

Uebermorgen - Chinese Gold

In China there are over 2000 Online-Gaming Workshops that hire people (over 500.000) to play online games such as World of Warcraft (WoW) day and night. The gaming workers produce in-game currency, equipments, and whole characters that are sold to American and European Gamers via Ebay. These people are called „Chinese Gold Farmers”. The future is now!


Maria Tupay Duque

From a Moravian summer

August 1981

In a few days I am going to take a plane to China.
I have a one-way ticket, to Moscow, then to Beijing.

I have no imagination, no idea what China would be like.

MADE IN CHINA was yet unknown.

It was more than just a far away, closed country.
Rather a place of some kind of mysterious longing.
I recall these distant summer afternoons, with their light, the soft colors, which were like music to me.