Christian Mayer - Wallpaper


The wallpaper “Décor Chinois” was created by the French company Zuber in 1832 after the design of the artists Ehrmann and Zipelius and served the European bourgeoisie’s fascination for the cultural and scenic opulence of China. This wallpaper is standing in the tradition of hand-printed decor wallpapers that came into vogue in the beginning of the 19th century and that were mostly designed by painters that have never left Europe in person.

Sonia Leimer - Chinese Wall


In 2007 Sonia Leimer found a part of the Chinese Wall in Mongolia. This part was built in the middle of the Mongolian landscape for a movie shot by BBC called „Genghis Khan“. Together with the Mongolian film crew that shot the original scenes Sonia Leimer did a movie with and about the leftover film set.

Thomas Lehner -Los Refrigeradores - Hot nights, cold fridges


Cuba on ice ? Naturally it´s served in cocktails at the beach bar ? But for the island's residents, keeping things in a cold, solid state is a matter of survival and constitutes a daily struggle. The Chinese brand Haier is dominant in Cuba. In the 1920s, a refrigerator factory was built in Qingdao, China to supply the Chinese market. In 2006 Haier shipped 300,000 fridges to the island.

Anna Hofbauer - Gehäuse enclosure b/w photo series


Here performative photo series Gehäuse (enclosure) presents a choreography of changing shapes built by the artist’s arms over here head. . .

Mike Hentz - Chinese Trilogie


More than 30 years ago I started out with paintovers. I used books or catalogues of other artists and converted them into my private everyday life workbooks, they got a new coinage. I appropriated them, gave them a more personal identity, with my diary registrations, notes, drafts, addresses and collages, they became art objects.