Michael Hoepfner – Unsettled Conditions


Excerpt from: News from No Man's Land
Michael Hoepfner talks with Christian Kravagna and Christian Reder (the latter is the producer of this transcript).

Ulrike Johannsen – Response to Qiu Zhijie and Jia Zhanke


Response 不 bu magazine
Qiu Zhijie: Tattoo II 天空 tiankong magazine
Jia Zhangke: Xiao Wu (2009)

Ralo Mayer – I have no idea about this place but I am going to promote it


In 2008 the magazine of the German Max Planck Research Institute wanted some traditional Chinese calligraphy as nice decoration for its focus on China and published 5,000 copies with a cover that featured an advertisement for a brothel. Indeed one fabulous example of an idiotic Western fable for the “exotic Oriental touch,” and a great intro for this work. Thank you!

Rainer Prohaska – Enter Beijing


Beginning with one of Beijing’s most common modes of transportation, the
Chinese three-wheel pedicab, known as “sanlunche” in Mandarin, Prohaska traveled the streets of Beijing.

Kamen Stoyanov - Artzone-Timezone



In his newest project, Artzone-Timezone, Kamen Stoyanov goes into the 798 Art District in Beijing to familiarize himself with the works of art there and to understand the role of imported Western marketing mechanisms. From this, he develops a hip-hop song sung by two Chinese musicians to show the intersection of art and entertainment.

In the previous project, Which one should I buy, Stoyanov invites two collectors and two gallery owners to participate in a game.