Joseph Francis Rock - Photographs and writings

© text and images courtesy of the Arnold Arboretum Library - Harvard College

Tibetan - Moslem War in West Kan-su, text by Joseph Francis Rock

Klaus Schafler, 2050 beijing eight stroke city


[1 video-dvd 2.40 min including audio + 8 flags 25cm high + 1 banner mounted on 2 wooden sticks 125 cm high]

Wie -yie Lauw Nomansland, collages


What is there to be forgotten?
How do you want to be remembered?
Who will remember you?

“ is based on memory traces connected through time and space.

Wie-yi´s memories are deeply woven within her multi cultural backgrounds, which are rooted far back to China. Carrying different nationalities and heritages in her, China triggered her curiosity to begin her journey in search of her identity.

Heimo Lattner The Last Picture (afterthought), drawing


The Last Picture (afterthought), drawing

Previous works have traversed the density of the urban, whilst enabling specific experiences of the local. He engages audiences in the process of viewing and listening (discovering, exploring…). Considerations of space are at the heart of his questions concerning politics in a sense that space can be both a reflection of a political atmosphere as well as being a site for which to extend political ambitions.

Gerlinde Zeiler - Objekts and paintings


I went to China without a special plan. Then I was really confused by all these new impressions, ideas and ways that things existed there. But slowly my wish to see China with my own eyes moved to the interest in un- derstanding more the Chinese view of their own country. So more and more the pictures produced in China about China gained my attention, like you can find them in posters, packages, cartoons, little figures....

Florian Schmeiser - 90 days, 90 seconds Every breath you take


90 days, 90 seconds Video,
photo series Single frame animation of over 2000 photos - shot in 90 days in Chengdu, Chongqing, Danba, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan.