Ella Raidel

The soap opera is not just a popular pastime, but also a reflection of its sociopolitical space, that in turn can be arrested by its visual image and language as the public belief. Viewers can project their identifications over whatever the protagonists portray. Soap operas can be realized as the social consensus where the collective desire can be repetitively transformed as a political allegory.

Christine Pellikan - Pictures

Themes of the artworks: harmony in between of nature and death Technique of the two paperworks: inked, cracked and mounted Chinese paper Technique of the Space Sculpture: found and red-painted “dead” wood It is a pleasure to present my thoughts about my work to you:
Paper is the medium I frequently use for my artworks. In Beijing, I’ve learned the handicraft of mounting traditional Chinese roll pictures. With that technique, I was able to go from papercutting to cracking and mounting paper.