Lisa Meixner - Chiron - of twofold nature - Chiron

Chiron is a film about the human hand, about the relation between gesture and speech and was shot in Chengdu, China and Frankfurt, Germany. Combining French anthropologist Andre Leroi-Gourhain’s theorie of evolution with the myth of the centaur Chiron the film narrates the hybrid existence of human beings in contemporary urban environments, their unseparable bond with touchscreens, ear phones and vehicles.

Shana Kaplow - Close to home

My artworks often explore the psychological inferences held within the bodies and spaces we inhabit.
Restless and shifting worlds seem most truthful to me. How do we connect to each other, to the body politic, or to the larger world? How do we relate within and to surrounding environments?

Christian Hutzinger - November

Using a varying form of paper cut-outs, - developed over the last years and which i have used in different contexts - painted paper, found materials from Ningbo (most of them from packaging-material of food i ate at that time) and Chinese date- and letter-stamps the series develops from day to day.

At first glance the collages seem to be very similar, but looking at them exactly, each of them gets it‘s own character and leads the viewer to the next one.

Michael Höpfner - after five and a half days the trail peters out (between here and there and now and then

After five and a half days walking the trail peters out is a project about hiking journeys in steppe and desert areas of Qhinghai and Gansu Provinces in Western China. In winter 2010/11 I started to follow roads and tracks on foot to what was depicted as nomad camps on maps. Instead I ran into new mining areas and development zones in the middle of nowhere – once mystical nature was taken over by the brutal interests of a new time.

Richard Hoeck - Brass knuckles

In the last eastern corner of Austria, towards the Czech Republic is Kleinhaugsdorf. The area is a nomansland. Part of it is the entertainment and shopping city called “Excalibur” where busloads of entertainment seeking people, descent to celebrate and shop. Around this compound, wooden huts settled down, run by Chinese merchants selling all the copyright infringement products, they are not allowed to sell in Europe.