Piotr Kotlicki

Probably a phenomenon of the surprise myself is one of reasons I do art at all. Some things are held apart from the thinking, and even though I think incessantly, although I am setting myself the entire slew of questions and still I don’t know …”where everything aims to”? Is reality cognizable? What it is? What is an effective method in reaching to for one border? Is transcendence touchable at all? Whether if not for the inevitability of death, whether we would like to get to know?

Gregory Eddi Jones

These photographs are fictions. The figures within these scenes were selected from hundreds of frames shot of each location. By selectively adding and removing characters from my compositions I craft narratives that straddle the line between fact and fiction. This process opens the work to a tremendous amount of decision-making opportunity, allowing for the creation of a personal vision of the world that would otherwise be unattainable in a single photograph.

Li Qiang 李枪

A documentary film about me: God and the Fields.

Lucia Dellefant

For more than a decade the artist Lucia Dellefant is focusing on topics of social and political development. Her work includes paintings, sculptures, interactive projects and installations in public spaces.

During her stay at Beijing Lucia Dellefant was working on a new series called ‘imploding city‘. Beijing has been changing in a very rapid way over the last twenty years. The artist wants to exaggerate this process in her small paintings.